Friday, June 1, 2007

Vendor Notes


We acknowledge the American Bar Association, especially Eric Modavan, for generously donating canvas brief cases and carrying bags, which will be distributed to our vendors. This donation will be very valuable in reducing the replacement of damaged papers due to the ever-changing weather conditions. Thank you very much.

Warning Vendors and Customers

Please notify us of anyone you may suspect anyone who is not a certified Street Sense vendor. There have been a number of cases reported persons selling our newspaper acting in a manner contrary to the attitudes of our vendors or the training they’ve received. These bogus vendors have been reportedly selling back issues as current. We ask the customer to examine the date on the paper before you make the purchase. The dates would indicate either the first or the 15th of the current month. Legitimate vendors can be easily identified by the photo badge or the bright yellow Street Sense vest. If in doubt, please do not purchase papers from that person. Call the Street Sense office at (202) 347-2006 if you have any concerns.

Street Sense TV

I am happy to say that the Street Sense TV project is alive and well. I had the privilege of viewing some of the skits of the first episode. They are quite interesting. The most satisfying aspect is the professionalism of the participants who are all homeless. What I viewed was in its raw stages, and if that is any indication of what is to come, we certainly have a winner.

Good Luck

Vendor Chris Sellman who has been with us for nine months, has decided to return to Minnesota. He has been a valuable member of the Street Sense team both as a vendor and our resident computer geek. We use this term in an affectionate manner because he has an uncanny knack to solve many of our system problems without any formal training. This can be considered another blow to the stereotype of homeless people lacking skills, formal or otherwise. In addition to being an active vendor, Chris served as a member of the National Coalition for the Homeless Speakers Bureau. He was the treasurer for Until You are Home Inc., and just a very nice guy. Chris, we wish you all the best and hope you do well. Good luck!

Attention All Vendors

Please register your birthday with staff at the Street Sense office. We’d like to recognize the occasion as well as issue you 20 free papers in your honor. Any vendor needing a canvas bag to carry papers should check with Laura, Charles or Jesse.

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